Who We Are?

Bimmer Motors is an independent, technical consultancy specialising in the design and development of vehicles. From technical trends reports to conducting end user surveys, Bimmer Motors has over 10 years of experience of providing strategic advice, insight and expertise to the automotive and associated industries globally.

At Bimmer Motors, we help vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers bridge that gap between system design and actual market needs. Our diverse team of experts understand global market and technical requirements and how to plan cost-effective systems for the future that customers value and are willing to pay for.

How We Do?

Our Company Mission

- For our people our mission is to create an environment of respect, reward and opportunity.
- For our clients our mission is to lead the way in innovative intelligent research & consultancy by revolutionising our services and further strengthening our expertise and depth of knowledge.

Our Vision

To be the most insightful, accurate, and easy to access automotive research and consultancy partner in the world!

Our Skills

Product Strategy 80%
Technical Research 90%
End User Surveys 85%
Interactive Workshops 70%
Project Management 75%